5 Second Rule

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Get ready for some fast-paced, high-pressure fun with the 5 Second Rule game! Can you name three breeds of dogs in just 5 seconds, while the timer ticks down and your opponents look on expectantly? This exciting game is all about quick thinking and speaking your mind, as you try to come up with answers to a variety of questions in just 5 seconds. With the pressure on, can you keep your cool and Just Spit It Out? It's the perfect game for parties, family game night, or any time you want to add some excitement to your day!

Product Features:

  • 376 Question Cards (752 questions)
  • 12 Pass on Cards
  • 12 Switch Cards
  • 6 Playing Pawns
  • 1 Playing Board
  • 1 Spiral Timer
  • 1 Set of Rules
  • NEW Aussie Questions included!

3+ players

Ages 8+